The prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections is an important responsibility of every healthcare institution. Sree Gokulam Medical College Hospital is committed to a comprehensive and effective infection control programme that provides a safe and healthy environment to the patients, their caregivers and healthcare workers. The hospital infection control committee routinely meets and charts out the measures that are to be followed by the institution. The measures that are routinely followed by HICC in our institution are:

a. Isolation of patients.

b. Hand hygiene and appropriate use of personal protective equipment.

c. Cleaning, decontamination, and sterilisation of items and equipment.

d. Environmental cleaning and decontamination.

e. Management of spills or accidents with infections substances.

f. Safe handling and transport of specimens.

g. Handling and cleaning / disinfection of contaminated linen.

h. Biomedical waste management manual.

i. Handling and safe disposal of sharps.

j. Management of sharp injuries and other exposure to HCWs to infectious diseases.

k. Policies and procedures for insertion and maintenance of all indwelling devices.

Minutes of the meetings:

Meeting 1 - Held on 28/01/2021

Meeting 2 - Held on 16/06/2021

Meeting 3 - Held on 10/03/2022

Antibiogram 2021

Complicated UTI Discussion

Infection Control Week Activities