The Emergency department at Casualty of Sree Gokulam Medical College Hospital plays a major role in preventing deaths and disabilities by providing early and comprehensive emergency medical care to the critically ill patients. We are equipped to handle emergencies of any magnitude - both qualitative and quantitative - 24x7. The department meets the international standards in terms of infrastructure, healthcare services and well trained medical professionals comprising of a team of emergency physicians, casualty medical officers, medico-legal officer, emergency staff nurses and emergency technicians. Efficient triaging on arrival of the patient by our trained staff has assured better patient outcome through providing necessary medical care by the skilled professionals at the earliest. In addition to the designated triage area, the emergency department has a minor operation theatre, emergency operation theatre, and a separate gynaecology emergency room. It is also well equipped with point of care ultrasound, ECG machines and specialised monitoring devices including IABP, ETCO2, CVP monitors, etc. Casualty is supported by 24x7 laboratory services, radiological investigation services and pharmacy services.