The Department of Microbiology started functioning in 2005.The department offers a 24-hour microbiology laboratory service to the entire hospital, its outreach programs, peripheral hospitals and sister institutions. NABL accredited Molecular biology lab is functioning from 2020 onwards. The services are divided into various sections such as Bacteriology, Mycobacteriology, Virology, Immunology and Molecular biology lab with a faculty member overseeing and authorizing the work in each section. It has the facilities for isolation and identification of various pathogenic microbes and determining their antimicrobial susceptibility. Lab has enrolled in various quality control programmes like External quality assessment scheme for Bacteriology and serology, Virology external quality assessment scheme and External quality assurance programme in Medical mycology to maintain highest standards of quality.

The department involved in: -

  • Hospital infection, prevention and control activities
  • Antibiotic stewardship programmes
  • Disease surveillance programmes
  • Routine surveillance of high risk areas of hospital and operation theatre
  • Epidemiological surveillance in outbreaks of infection
  • National tuberculosis elimination programme (NTEP)

The department conducts various training programme: -

  • Training of health care workers regarding hand hygiene.
  • Training in sample collection & transportation of specimens for post graduates, house surgeons & nursing staff.
  • Awareness programmes in ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE for clinicians.

The department also involved in teaching: -

  • MBBS students in CBME curriculum
  • Post graduates (MD Microbiology)
  • and Post Nursing students
  • Diploma MLT students

Faculties and students are involved in various research activities also.

Our Microbiologists

Dr. Ramani Bai JT

MBBS, MD (Microbiology)

Dr. Ajith V

MBBS, MD (Microbiology)
Associate Professor

Dr. Swapna C Senan

MSc Medical Microbiology,Ph...
Associate Professor

Dr. Deepthi T

M.Sc Medical Microbiology, P...
Assistant Professor

Dr. Kiran Subhash

MBBS, MD (Microbiology)

Dr. Ashna Ajimsha

MBBS, MD Microbiology
Assistant Professor