Student Clubs


Student activities at Sree Gokulam Medical College & Research Foundation are designed to provide opportunities for our students to enhance their academic development as they strengthen their leadership skills. Each student is encouraged to join the organisation that provides for him/her an avenue for personal fulfilment and skills.

Academic club

The club mainly aims to engage the students in learning outside the classroom. It offers monitoring, professional networking and special events that you won't find in a classroom...

Our club has so far conducted group discussions,  quizzes, seminars and various other activities to enhance the academic interests of the students.

Students have also shown full-fledged interest and participation in various inter-college academic competitions.


  • Sruthi Sunil (2016 Batch) 

  • Sarika (2016 Batch)

  • Andrew Thomas

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Martial Arts Club

Motto: Be bold for a change.

A Navodhan 19-20 initiative to empower young minds for a better tomorrow...

Weekly karate classes are conducted.


  • Megha Joy (2019 Batch)

  • Aswin Raj (2019 Batch)

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Media and Publication Club

It focuses on publishing and announcing campus updates via social media.

The skill sets required to successfully create media today are incredibly varied. You may love graphic designing, digital media, or photography,  whatever the case be you are likely to find your niche within the club in the campus.


  • Yadav (2016 Batch)

  • Gouri (2016 Batch)

  • Bharat (2016 Batch)

  • Ranees (2016 Batch)

  • Devendu (2016 Batch)

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Sports Club

The Sports club is committed to provide a healthy sporting habit among the students. It helps to learn teamwork at work, coordination among diverse cultural & ethnic groups and mainly infuses discipline & instills the value system in an individual. Value of time, precision & competitiveness are the major learning points apart from communication, coordination & teamwork.

Head: Gokul (2017 Batch)


  • Fasil (2016 Batch)

  • Nirmal (2016 Batch)

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Chess Club

The primary motto of the club is to popularise chess as a hobby among the campus residents. This club is not only for regular players but for beginners too.

Head: Thara (2017 Batch)


  • Sanjay (2016 Batch)

  • Gokul (2017 Batch)

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The Popcorn Project

A movie club for all those film enthusiasts who love movies passionately and keenly observes the minute details and has immense respect for the craft.

Head: Gouri (2016 Batch)


  • Jithu Jose (2016 Batch)

  • Jansha  Parveen (2016 Batch)

  • Jones Davis (2016 Batch)

  • Ganga (2018 Batch)

  • Sreevishakh (2018 Batch)

  • Meenakshi (2019 Batch)

  • Aswin Raj (2019 Batch)

Dance and Music Club

The club focuses on encouraging the students to participate and get exposed to the competition at different levels. The club and the members have brought laurels to the university in various inter-university cultural festivals and competitions.

Dance Club Coordinator: Aakash (2016 Batch)

Music Club Coordinator: Devika (2016 Batch)

Cycle Club

Aims to spread the joy of cycling in the college campus and encourages the little explorers. Cycling is also encouraged to improve the physical and mental health of students. Club also carryout cycling campaigns, competitions and rallies.


  • Sreelakshmi (2016 Batch)

  • Siddique (2016 Batch)

  • Raman Unni (2018 Batch)

  • Vinayak (2018 Batch)