PG Degree Courses

PG (MD/MS) Programs Recognition Letters, University Affiliation Letter, Diploma Conversion to Degree Letter
Sl No Program Recognition letter from Regulatory authority & Affiliation from University
1 MD (Anatomy) Vide No. MCI-68(22)/2016-Med./58411
2 MD (Physiology) Vide No. MCI-68(22)/2015-Med./09946
3 MD (Biochemistry) Vide No. 35/452(59)/2022-PGMEB/011814
4 MD (Pathology) Vide No. NMC/MCI-452(22)/2020/Med./010246
5 MD (Microbiology) Vide No. 35/452(47)/2022-PGMEB/011839
6 MD (Pharmacology) Vide No. 35/452(138)/2022-PGMEB/011849
7 MD (Community Medicine) Vide No. 35/452/(91)/2022-PGMEB/050284-288
8 MS (Otorhinolaryngology) Vide No. 35/452(137)/2022-PGMEB/011834
9 MS (Ophthalmology) Vide No. 35/452(92)/2022-PGMEB/011809
10 MD (General Medicine) Vide No. 35/452(46)/2022-PGMEB-011844
11 MS (General Surgery) Vide No. 35/452(52)/2022-PGMEB/011819
12 MS (OBG)

Vide No. 35/452(166)/2022-PGMEB

13 MD (Paediatrics) Vide No. 35/452(54)2022-PGMEB/011829
14 MD (Anaesthesiology) Vide No. 35/452(136)/2022-PGMEB/011824
15 MD (Radio-diagnosis) Vide No. 35/452(93)/2022-PGMEB/047390-394
16 MS (Orthopaedics) Vide No. 35/452(53)/2022-PGMEB/011804
17 MD (Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy) Vide No.MCI-70(22)/10(A)/2019-Med./185969

KUHS Affiliation U.O.No:479/2023/academic/KUHS dated27-09-2023

Diploma Seats Conversion to Degree (MD/MS) No. MCI-23(1)(Conversion)/2019-Med/195412 dated 27/02/2020