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Obstetrics deals with pregnancy and its complications. Gynecology deals with all conditions relating to the female reproductive system. The obstetrics division aims at “a natural /physiological birth where the baby is delivered vaginally following a labour which has not been altered by technological interventions???.   However if there are any factors complicating the natural childbirth the department has a well-qualified dedicated team and resources that ensure maternal and fetal well-being. The Gynaecology division aims at providing up-to-date, modern and evidence based care to the needy with specific gynecological problems.


  1. To ensure maternal and fetal well being
  2. To offer the latest, evidence-based gynecological care to all women
  3. To impart competency based teaching and training in obstetrics and gynecology to our students.


The department is headed by Dr. Nazeema A, who has more than 30 years of teaching and clinical experience. Other faculty include four Professors, three Associate Professors, four Assistant Professors, four Senior Residents and seven Junior Residents. –more


  1. Well-equipped labor rooms
  2. Cardiotocography machines
  3. Apparatus for instrumental deliveries
  4. State of the art operation theatres
  5. Demonstration rooms
  6. Departmental library
  7. Research lab



  1. Pregnancy with hypertension
  2. Thyroid disorders in pregnancy
  3. Diabetes in Pregnancy
  4. Autoimmune disorders in pregnancy
  5. Chronic renal diseases in pregnancy
  6. Multiple pregnancies
  7. Any pregnancy complicated by medical or surgical problems
  8. Exclusive Antenatal Clinic
  9. Tumors complicating pregnancy
  10. Prenatal testing & Fetal Assessment


  1. Cancer detection clinic
  2. Well women clinic
  3. Family welfare clinic
  4. Adolescent clinic
  5. Vesicular mole clinic


  1. Ovulation Induction
  2. HSG
  3. Follicular monitoring
  4. Intrauterine Insemination or IUI