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Facilities – Pathology

Practical laboratory

 Morbid anatomy/


 Clinical Pathology/Hematology
 size  230sqm  212sqm
 capacity  for 90 students  for 90 students
 seats available  for 90 students  for 90 students
 water supply  adequate adequate
sinks adequate adequate

Electrical Points

 adequate  adequate

cupboard for storage of microscopic slides

adequate adequate
  1. Main Equipment available List enclosed (Enclosure 1)

  1. Number of Microscopes 90

  1. No. of students to each microscope : One

f) Preparation room :

  • Size 14 Sq. Meter

  • Location side room for both laboratories

g) Whether Laboratory Manuals

kept by students? Yes

h) Close circuit TV/demonstration Microscope/

any other teaching aids. Teaching Microscope, LCD Projector, OHP,

Slide Projector, Green board

Service Laboratory in the teaching hospital/college:

Histopathology Cytopathology Haematology Any other SpecializedSection like


Yes Yes Yes Immunohistochemistry

a) Are there separate service laboratories? Yes

b) If yes, control and supervision :

i) Whether departmental (college) Yes, Departmental

ii) Under Medical Superintendent (Hospital)

iii) If departmental, method of posting and rotation of

medical & non-medical staff :

Prof. and HOD overall charge,

One Assoc. Prof & One Asst. Prof. on rotation in each section

c) Size of laboratory Plan Enclosed (Enclosure 12)

Histopathology 30 Sq. M

Haematology 33 Sq.M

Cytopathology 34 Sq. M

  1. MUSEUM :

  1. Size 106 Sq. M

  1. How are specimens arranged ? System wise

  1. Give number of each :

  • Mounted 450

  • Un mounted 200

  1. Are the microscopic section of

Specimens available for study to

the students? Yes

If so, in the museum or in some other room In museum

  1. No. of microscope available to the students in the museum. 2

  1. List of charts, photographs, models and other exhibits other than the specimens and their arrangements.

List of Charts 23 nos

Photographs 60 nos

Instruments, demonstration sets of hematology and histopathology attached Charts and photographs arranged in CP Lab and Museum.

(Enclosure 7).

  1. No. of catalogues of the specimens available to the students. 15

  1. seating arrangement for students –

  • Type

  • Level type

  • Number 20

i) Ante-room Yes

  • Yes

  • No


  1. distance from the department 300 M

  1. size 420 Sq. M

  1. student observation facilities

  1. level type

  2. gallery type Gallery type

  3. capacity 35 – 40

  1. No. of autopsy tables available :

2 – one for pathology and other for Forensic medicine

  1. Light, ventilation and exhaust arrangements:

Adequate / Exhaust fan provided

  1. Water supply, drainage, washing arrangements & disposal of waste.


  1. Fly proofing Yes

  1. cold room/cooling cabinets :

  1. size According to requirement

  2. Capacity 8 bodies

  1. Equipment’s

  1. No. of pathological autopsies 1st year 2nd Year 3rd Year

Per year for the last 3 years : 9 (Feotal autopsies)

Is there an emergency autopsy service?


  1. How are the autopsy reports maintained in the department?

Autopsy register maintained.

  1. Do undergraduate students in any way participate in the conduction of autopsies?


n) Ante-room Yes

  • Yes

  • No

o) Waiting hall and office Yes


  1. Is there a separate departmental library?


  1. Accommodation

  • Size 40 Sq. M

  • Capacity 50

  1. Number of books in Pathology and allied subjects. 171

List of books enclosed (Enclosure 8)

  1. List of Journals 1) American Journal of Pathology

2) Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology

3) Journal of cytology

4) International journal of surgical pathology

5) Journal of clinical pathology


  1. Size 50 Sq.M

  1. Equipment

Binocular Microscope with Photo micrographic attachment and Polariser

  1. Are there any students taken for Diploma in Pathology, M.D. or Ph.D. in Pathology?


If so, how many per year during the last three years.

  1. Diploma NA

  1. Degree 1 for MD pathology for the year 2011

2 for MD pathology for the year 2012

2 for MD pathology for the year 2013

2 for MD pathology for the year 2014

2 for MD pathology for the year 2015

  1. List of publications by the members of the staff during the last 3 years

      1. Haematological survey in pre-school children with special reference to iron deficiency anaemia – IJSS – Dr. Vinukumar and Dr. Siny

      2. Utililty of automation in assessment of hematological profile and typing of anaemia in preschool children – A tertiary centre study – JEMDS – Dr. Vinukumar, and Dr. Kalaranjini

      3. Utility of Hematolgical and laboratory data in assessment of immediate prognosis in Multiple myeloma – JEMDS – Dr. Kalaranjini , Dr. Vinukumar

  1. Current problems on which research work is going on and by whom?

(a statement may be furnished )

List of on going research works enclosed (Enclosure 13)

  1. Do Undergraduate students in any way participate in them?



  1. Professor & H.O.D. 30 Sq. M

  1. Associate Professor/Reader 27.5Sq.M

  1. Asst. Professor/Lecturers 27.5 Sq. M

  1. Tutors/Demonstrators 27.5 Sq.M

  1. Non-teaching and Clerical Staff 14.5 Sq.M


  1. Is there any blood bank in the hospital?


  1. If yes, is it approved and licensed by competent authority?


Please mention the validation period of the license: 5 years

  1. Is it air-conditioned

  • No

  • Partly

  • Completely Completely

  1. Control of Blood Bank

i) Is it under the department of pathology? Yes

ii) Is it under the Medical Superintendent? NO

  1. If departmental – method of posting and rotation of Medical and non-medical staff.

Rotation as per usual norms.

  1. Number of issued units of blood per month : 350units/ month

  1. Number of donors blood per month


  1. Staff – details of both medical and non-medical.

List of staff attached

(Enclosure 9A)

  1. List the number of tests done in the blood bank Hepatitis –B, Hepatitis –C, Syphilis, Malaria, Rh-testing, HIV, blood grouping etc. (Report giving details of work done during the last 1 year to be attached).