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Dermatology is a branch of medicine which deals with diseases affecting the skin; and diseases with skin manifestations. It also deals with specialized areas such as cosmetology and trichology. Department  of Dermatology,Venereology and Leprology is one of the active departments of Sree Gokulam Medical College and Research Foundation. Its stared functioning  since the inception of the institute in 2005.It  has competent faculty,well equipped laboratory and dermato surgical unit.It caters to a large population not only in and around Venjaramood and Trivandrum ,but also from nearby districts.



  • To provide excellent tertiary skin care services to all classes of patients, at an affordable price


The Department is headed by Dr.V Suja, with more than 30 years of service. Besides Dr.V Suja, the Department has 1 Associate Professors, 1 Senior resident, and 2 Junior Residents.


  1. Phototherapy units
  2. Whole body unit
  3. Local body unit
  4. Electro cautery  Machine
  5. Lontophoresis Machine
  6. Chemical Cautery


  1. Whole body phototherapy
  2. Leprosy clinic
  3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) clinic
  4. Anti ageing clinic
  5. Clinic for pigmentary disorder
  6. Paediatric dermatology
  7. Hair care – Treatment for hair loss, excessive hair growth, diseases affecting hair, cosmetology procedures, electrocautery, cutaneous tags, DPN, Seb Keratosis etc.

Side lab Investigations

  1. Scraping & nail clipping for fungus
  2. Tzanck smear
  3. Gram stain
  4. Slit skin smear & ear lobe smear  for AFB
  5. Skin Biopsy

Therapeutic procedures

  1. Chemical cautery
  2. Electrocautery
  3. Snip excision& excision biopsy
  4. Whole body and local body phototherapy
  5. Iontophoresis
  6. Punch grafting
  7. Comedo extraction
  8. Needling for milia